Urban Disco goes the extra mile 

It was the 15th of December 2018 and storm Deirdre was hitting Scotland with all its mite. Urban Disco was booked to do a wedding at Moness Resort Aberfeldy for a lovely couple from Edinburgh. As the day progressed the storm came in and by the afternoon the snow was coming down so the decision was made to get up to the venue early but this was not going to be straight forward.

When I arrived in Aberfeldy the snow was deep and it took around one hour to slowly slip and slide my way up the town. once I turned on to road up to the resort which was a progressively steep hill I soon became stuck. I called the resort to see if I could get a tow up by one of there tractors but the resort could not help as they were busy clearing paths and roads on the resort. So without being able to get up to the venue I was starting to work out what I could do! 

Luckily a local came round the corner after being at the pub at a Christmas party decided to help me by giving me his 4x4 to use, he helped be load from my car to his and let me drive it up to the venue. He also came with me to help getting the equipment to the marque before walking home where he would collect his 4x4 in the morning.  

The couple and the father of the bride could not believe I made it up in the weather and even bought the local Samaritan a few drinks for the road at the bar.

Once I was set up the staff also looked after me by getting me a plate of food from the catering team as the guests were still having there meal. 

So the wedding went well and the guests had such an amazing time. The staff were having to constantly clear the snow from the entrance as it kept on falling from the roof of the marquee.

By the end of the night the snow was about a foot deep and even my car still in the village was snowed in so the father of the bride kindly arranged for a room for the night for me.

In the morning I finished off, packing up the equipment and left it on the stage. Then I slowly trudged my way down to the village to find my car trapped in snow, yep you guested it I had no shovel or nothing to did my car out... then for a second time a local and his son were out helping others digging out cars and then automatically started to dig me out to my relief. Then I was able to get home to my family before going back for the equipment on the Monday a few days later once the snow was cleared.

So Urban Disco went the extra mile but if it wasn't for the locals it would not been as a good result.

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