Urban Disco Brings in the New Year 

Urban Disco was booked to provide the New Year entertainment at the Kingsway Farm in Dundee. Hogmany is one of those funny nights where it dose not matter what you do its all down to the crowd and if they want to party it will be a great night... the restaurant was booked out for the meal portion of the evening and all was set for a great night.

Being a Dj working at Hogmanay has its draw backs where you not drinking and you are away from your own family.

But I was lucky I booked hotel rooms for my family at the premier inn just along the road and had a table booked for a meal as well. We also had friends join us as well so all was good. 

As well as suppling the entertainment for all the adults I also supplied a 100" Screen and projector playing movies for the younger kids creating a mini cinema for them.

At the end of the night there was a large family up from London and they were all full of praise for all the music and how much the enjoyed them selves.

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